Cinderella, by Tom Wells.  Directed by Ellen Mcdougall.  Lyric Hammersmith: Nov 2015-Jan 2016.  Costumes: Katie Lias.  Lighting: Tim Deiling.  Compostion:  Corin Buckeridge.  Sound:  Nick Manning.  Photos courtesy of Tristram Kenton & Tim Deiling.







A glinting set of cogs and fairy lights from Oliver Townsend is an absolute treat.  An irreverent panto treated with the utmost reverence by a theatre that takes its festive fun very seriously indeed.  

The Stage


... no live pony but the transformation scene is still a show-stopper, bringing delighted shock and awe to parties of schoolchildern who are used to the special effects of a Pixar movie.  

The Guardian


Almost everything here blends tradition with a gleefully edgy twist.  Oliver Townsend's lovely had-drawn sets are a treat.  By the time of the final dance the audience is willingly up on its feet.  London audiences are spoiled for choice this Christmas but they'd be hard pushed to find a better night out than this. 

The Telegraph


This is the perfect kick-off to a joyous Noel, of yes it is.

What's On Stage


The hippest panto team in town deliver the goods again. . .   Cinder's  transformation is a slick moment of magic as layers of twinkling fairy lights illuminate Oliver Townsend's clockwork-inspired set. 

Time Out


The history books will never forget Well's important contribution to pantomime in celebrating Principal Girls who propose to Principal Boys and being part of a growing movement to rectify centuries of passive Princesses.  

British Theatre Guide


Oliver Townsend's gorgeous backdrops make his weird, curlicued illustrations huge and sparkling.  All the expected panto frivolities are in evidence but they never outstay their welcome.  Like Cinderella at the ball, traditions make their entrance, twinkle in the lamplight, then get lost in the gorgeous crowd.



The Lyric is on to a winner.  Oh yes it is.

The Evening Standard