The Caretaker by Harold Pinter.  Directed by Chris Haydon.  Bristol Old Vic and Northampton Royal.  Photography by Iona Firouzabadi. 

Oliver Townsend's set looks like a snapshot from a tornado.  A multitude of household items float in the space.  Rain hammers against a window seemingly in freefall.  It's this balance of familiarity and absurdity that Haydon excels at exploiting in Pinter's play.  The illogicality really being explored here is that of irrational humans and how we treat each other.  

Rosemary Waugh,  The Stage 


The Times, The Stage, The Bristol Post, Reviews Hub 

Entering the theatre, it looks as if there has been an explosion: chairs hang in mid-air, a wardrobe tilts in empty space and a ladder to nowhere is suspended above the stage.  Designer Oliver Townsend has borrowed to clever effect from Cornelia Parker's 1991 installation Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View to create the setting for Harold Pinter's Godot-influenced 1960 play about what happens when damaged Aston invites a homeless man, Davies, back to his room in a house owned by his bully boy brother, Mick. 

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian