The Tales of Hoffmann (Offenbach).  Directed by James Bonas.  Conducted by Philip Sunderland.  Lighting: Mark Howland.  English Touring Opera.  Autumn 2015.  Photos courtesy Richard Hubert Smith.    







With this hugely enjoyable production, English Touring Opera hits the jackpot.  Catch it on its forthcoming tour - I guarantee you an evening rich in musical and theatrical pleasure.  The singing is of exceptional quality.  This is ETO at its best. 

The Telegraph


Blending the comic and the sinister, Offenbach's fantastical opera is imaginatively realised in ETO's visually striking and strongly cast production.

The Stage


Oliver Townsend's set transforms from sepia-toned film studio to the 19th century gothic of Crespil's house and the garish retro-kitsch of Giulietta's Venetian bordelio.

Arts Desk


I came out entranced.  This was a lithe and imaginative production, performed with wit and a sense of style, revealing the strong sense of drama underneath all the grand opera padding.  It is an intelligent edition in an imaginative setting.  

Planet Hugill


Oliver Townsend's sets are wonderful, transforming cleanly from one piece to the next while retaining a consistent style, the imaginative use of lighting and occasional projections giving them all the individual distinction and mood they need. 

Opera Journal


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